About Sarah Rubio


“I am eye. I am a mechanical eye. I, a machine, am showing you a world, the likes of which only I can see”, said Dzuga Vertov who crafts the dizzying, impressionistic movie The Man With a Movie Camera. The vision of human faces, of different situations, of moments, of spaces and places, speaks to people. Being able to document it, to reveal and express it through ones lens, is a way to reveal ones own truth. 

I was born and raised in a friendly social town in the outskirts of Madrid, Spain, among five siblings, a Spanish father and a US mother. When my brother gave me my first camera years ago –a Canon AE1–, I started to find a great interest in understanding what a photograph meant. By investigating about master photographers, and working with astonishing ones, I learnt how a photograph is an image beyond words. I saw how a photograph is a blend of perception, observation and reaction. It’s a picture of what we see, a picture of our own picture. It’s a moment caught in time. Whether it’s real or not, whether there is a message or not, it all depends. The real, and its representation, vary from eye to eye. For me, a photograph is a combination of meaning, unity and form. In my photographs I like to examine the notion of identity in its surrounding circumstances. I like to capture the subject’s forces within that segment of time and space. I like to stretch the amount of possibilities going from beauty to disgust, from serenity to bothersome, from romanticism to nostalgia, from pleasure to indifference…

I earned my BA at University of Arizona in Audiovisual Communications and Latin American and Spanish Literature (2000), and my MA in Applied Linguistics in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language at Antonio Nebrija University (Spain, 2016). I worked at different schools and universities in New York area, and also participated in a series of Spanish as a Second Language seminars, courses, and lectures. Parallel to my career, I joined the Continuing Educational Program of the International Center of Photography (2004-2008), and I began to invest and explore with different film cameras (Hasselblad 500C/M, Holga, and Polaroid) and digital cameras, working towards alternative fields and paths of photography and other mediums. I am very fortunate to be able to travel and live in different Spanish speaking countries, which has allowed me to incorporate my experiences into my personal photographic projects, as well as into my classrooms, both culturally and linguistically. My main interests follow the line of Cognitive Linguistics, the operational value of Cognitive Grammar, the conceptual representations of linguistic forms, and the ability of applying my photographic skills to explore the new social and educational paths into the contemporary media technologies.



  • Instituto Cervantes of New York (ICNY). 2013-2016. New York, NY. Published photos in ICNY website, Facebook, Twiter, and Blog, among others, to promote not only the Cervantes Institute in New York, but also stimulating the student’s participation in Spanish speaking social networks.
  • Bushwick Open Studios (BOS). June 2014. New York, NY. Exhibited my project We Wanted to Find America.
  • Moment Une Photo Magazine. Spring 2014. New York, NY. Published article about my project Panamericana Sur.
  • Bushwick Daily Newspaper. February 2014. New York, NY. Published article with my photographs of Morgan Town.
  • Morgan Town Bar. February 2014. New York, NY. Exhibited my project Living Streets.
  • Bushwick Open Studios (BOS). June 2013. New York, NY. Exhibited my project Ecology within the Abandoned.
  • Glamour y Soda TV Magazine. Fall 2012. New York, NY. Published article with my photographs of NYC marathon.
  • Pie Derecho Magazine. November 2010. New York, NY. Published article about my project Ecology within the Abandoned.
  • Moment Une Photo Magazine. Spring 2010. New York, NY. Published article about my project The Lubavitchers.
  • J.Klaynberg Gallery.February 2008. New York, NY. Exhibited my audiovisual project The Lubavitchers.
  • IATI Theater Gallery. November 2006. New York, NY. Exhibited a variety of my Theater Photographs.
  • FAIM (International Arts Fair of Madrid). September 2005. Madrid, Spain. Exhibited my project New York Nights.



  • Panamericana Sur is a connecting line of pictures about a series of experiences and different stories starting from Bogotá, Colombia, where I worked for five months, and continuing the journey from Colombia to Ecuador, through Peru, and ending it in Santiago, Chile between 2011 and 2012. This book reveals the juxtaposition of South America’s extremely different physical geographies, diverse cultures, and contrasting economical and political circumstances where the only common link is the main language, Spanish, the rich resources of minerals, metals, and hydrocarbons, and a connecting Pan-American Highway.
  • Living Streets. This book features the innate artistic expression of everyday people with themes of the human condition. The images were taken in various cities around the Americas, between 2008 and 2014, delivering the provocative role of street art as the arena for political, cultural and social expression in an urban context.


  • I work for Terry Gilliam’s film The Man Who Killed Don Quixote. Due to a series of incidents, the film could not be completed. However, what was shot in different areas of Spain was released in the documentary Lost in La Mancha (master piece of a Master Genius, I must say).
  • I participate in the production department of the audiovisual company Master Disaster Media.
  • I produced and did an audiovisual project in Chiapas, Mexico. This documentary, Voices of Indigenous Women, consists about the present situation of indigenous woman and their aspirations. The two main protagonists are Suyul (Ángela Díaz Ruiz), and Maruch Santiz Gómez. Suyul is known for her poetry and essays such as her award-winning essay Yo soy indígena ¿y tú? (I’m indigenous, and you?). Maruch Santiz is an internationally known writer and photographer. She also collaborates with the Indigenous Archive Photographic Association (www.chiapasphoto.org).


Freelance Photographer
United States and Spain, from January 2005 until today.
Themes: Interior Design, Portraits, Film & Theater, and Photo Narrative.
Clients: Interior designers, models, disk jockeys, actors, theater plays, films and personal projects.
Locations: Photography studios and assigned locations from clients.

Photographer Assistant
New York, NY, from September 2005 to November 2009.
Duties: Assist different photographers during their shoot. Set up and strike the equipment for indoor and outdoor shoots. Handle studio light equipment (mostly ProFoto).



Trevor Day School
New York, NY, from April 2016 until today.
Duties: Duties: High School Teacher and Advisor. Create and design didactic materials. 
Instituto Cervantes (ICNY)
New York, NY, from October 2005 until today.
Duties: Provide instruction in Spanish language, conversation, reading, and writing to students of all ages. Teach Spanish for schoolteachers, social workers, nurses, and business. Teach high advanced students through literature and film. Instruct students in classroom and small group settings. Provide one-on-one instruction in a total immersion program. Create and design didactic materials.

New York University (NYU)
New York, NY, from September 2010 until 2016.
Duties: Provide instruction in Spanish language, conversation, reading, and writing to students of all ages. Create and design didactic materials.

Private Instructor (New York area)
New York, NY, from September 2003 until today.
Duties: Provide one-on-one instruction in a total immersion program. Create and design didactic materials. Translated documents from English to Spanish.



For more information just contact me through this website or email me to sarahrubio1@gmail.com